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Cantante, compositore, chitarrista slide e pianista, Peter Karp si è ritagliato la sua propria nicchia. Divertenti, commoventi, irriverenti, romantiche e allo stesso tempo sempre fedeli alla vita, le composizioni di Karp riflettono la sua storia intrigante.

Cresciuto nelle paludi del New Jersey e nei parchi rurali dell'Alabama del sud, Karp crea con maestria una musica alimentata da una interessante contrapposizione del tipo Yankee-Rebel e infonde emozione autentica, umorismo e candore in una cornice di ritmi squisitamente eseguiti e con convin- cente vocalizzazione.

Come cantautore Karp ha attirato l'attenzione della critica nazionale attraverso la sua collaborazione con il chitarrista Mick Taylor dei Rolling Stones, il quale ha registrato ed è andato in tournèe con Karp all'uscita del suo primo album, "The Turning Point".

La successiva uscita con la Blind Pig Records, "Shadows and Cracks", ha visto Karp condividere il palco con il venerabile Delbert McClinton, con la rock band di New Or- leans, The Subdudes, e con il grande Keb 'Mo', tre volte vincitore del Grammy Blues.

Nel 2008 Karp forma la Karp Foley Band con la chitarrista blues canadese Sue Foley. Come principale compositore della band, Karp ha pubblicato due album di grande successo:"He Said She Said" e "Beyond The Crossroads".

All'inizio del 2016 Karp pubblica "The Arson’s Match", uno spettacolo dal vivo registrato dalla radio Sirius al The Bottom Line di New York. Questo album fa parte di un progetto di beneficenza che Karp ha iniziato per la ricerca sul cancro ovarico e ha già ricevuto riconoscimenti e recensioni positive da tutto il mondo.

L'inconfondibile stile lirico di Karp, l'abile manipolazione della chitarra slide e la sua propen- sione per prestazioni dinamiche lo hanno comparato a grandi personalità come James Taylor, Bob Dylan e John Prine, ricevendo a sua volta una reputazione come un talento molto raro nella Roots Music americana.

Nel gennaio del 2017 Peter ha realizzato "Alabama Town", salito immediatamente nella top ten delle classifiche USA Blues.

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Singer-songwriter, slide guitarist and pianist Peter Karp has carved out his own unique niche. At once funny, poignant, irreverent, romantic and always true to life, Karp’s compositions reflect his own intriguing backstory.

Raised both in the swamps of New Jersey and rural trailer parks of Southern Alabama, Karp masterfully crafts music fueled with a Yankee-Rebel juxtaposition by infusing genuine emotion, humor and candor in a setting of exquisite- ly performed rhythms and compelling vocalization.

As a songwriter Karp first attracted national attention and critical acclaim through his collaboration with guitarist Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones who recorded and toured with Karp on his first label release, “The Turning Point”.

His next national release on Blind Pig Records, “Shadows and Cracks”, had Karp sharing the main stage with the venerable Delbert McClinton, New Orleans-based roots rock band, The Subdudes, and three-time Grammy winner, blues great Keb’ Mo’.

In 2008 Karp formed The Karp Foley Band with Canadian blues guitarist Sue Foley. As the princi- ple songwriter of the group Karp made 2 very successful albums, “He Said She Said” and “Beyond The Crossroads.”

Early in 2016 Karp released “The Arson’s Match” a live show recorded by Sirius radio at The Bottom Line in NYC. That album is part of a charity project that he started for Ovarian Cancer Research, and has already received award nominations and positive reviews from around the world.

Karp’s unmistakable lyrical style, consummate handling of the slide guitar and his propensity for dynamic performances have garnered him comparisons to such luminaries as James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and John Prine, and in turn a reputation as a remarkably rare talent in American roots music.

In January of 2017 Peter released "Alabama Town." It immediately climbed into the top ten of the USA Blues charts.

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Solo albums

  • 2000 - “Live at the American Roadhouse” - Independent (Limited Release)
  • 2002 - “Roadshow” - Back Bender Records
  • 2004 - “The Turning Point” - Back Bender Records
  • 2007 - “Shadows and Cracks” - Blind Pig Records, Stony Plain Records (Canada)
  • 2010 - “He Said She Said”(with Sue Foley) - Blind Pig Records (Billboard Blues Albums #10),
    Stony Plain Records (Canada),Dixie Frog(France)
  • 2012 - "Beyond The Crossroads” (with Sue Foley) - Blind Pig Records, Stony Plain Records (Canada)
  • 2016 - “The Arson’s Match” (with Mick Taylor) – Karp Foley Music
  • 2017 - “Alabama Town”

Compilation albums

  • 2003 - "Blues Revue: Blues Music Sampler (Dec - Jan, 2004)” - Blues Revue Magazine
  • 2008 - "Gibson Presents: Hot Tones in High Definition”

Charts & Awards

  • 2016 – RMR Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart – 7 Songs from “The Arson’s Match”
  • 2016 – RMR Top 50 Blues Album & Blues Rock Album Charts – “The Arson’s Match”
  • 2016 – Nominee – Blues Blast Music Awards (Best Rock Blues Album & Best Live Blues Recording)
  • 2016 – Nominee – Independent Blues Awards (Best Independent Blues Live CD & Best Contemporary Blues Song
    “I’m Not Giving Up”)
  • 2012 #1 Blues Charts - “Beyond The Crossroads” (Peter Karp & Sue Foley) 2010 – #10 Billboard Blues Album
    “He Said She Said” (Peter Karp & Sue Foley)
  • 2010 – #1 for 6 weeks on the National Blues and Roots Charts – “He Said She Said” (Peter Karp & Sue Foley)
  • 2010 – #1 Roots Music Report Blues Chart – “He Said She Said” (Peter Karp & Sue Foley)
  • 2010 – Nominee – Songwriter of the Year (Peter Karp & Sue Foley)
  • 2007 #4 Billboard Blues Album – “Shadows and Cracks” (Peter Karp)

More about Peter Karp

Origini:Tennessee, USA

GenERE:Blues, Rock, Americana

CONTATTO: +39 (0)546 621676

Karp's a great writer and performer whose songs are driven by verbal word play and insights into the human experience. Like James Taylor and Bob Dylan, Karp embodies Americana Music.

Guys like Peter Karp, James Taylor, and Bob Dylan embody Americana Blues, and us English guys are inspired by it.

Karp is his own man, an artist who blends roots music styles into something that transcends blues, country, R&B and swamp. John Prine's wordplay, Joe Ely's rocking instincts,
Billy Joe Shaver's fatalistic outlook.

Karp's one cool cookie, alright – from his muscular slide guitar soloing to his observational and ohso-true songwriting and, most of all, soulful expressive voice of his, dripping with in- nuendo. Dude's entertaining as hell.

This is a sharp and colorful writer who works on several levels: He can drop literary refer- ences on you, but he makes sure to keep the songs grounded in real emotion. The same goes for the music, a roadhouse-worthy stew of blues, country, rock and soul.

Today Karp has emerged as one of the finest storytellers and entertainers as well as play- ers in blues ranks, someone anxious to spotlight the music‟s communicative abilities more than just blister through guitar solos or rework vintage Delta tunes.

There is a strong blues influence in his music, but a Dylanesque complexity to his songwrit- ing. „(Joseph) Conrad poked fun at my dark, dark heart / (Warren) Zevon cracked wise with a smart-ass remark,‟ he sings, in probably the only rock song that name checks both Phil Ochs and Rudyard Kipling and follows a mention of Homer with one of Woody Guthrie.

A sizzling, full bodied romp through a dozen rootsy tunes with vivid, thoughtful lyrics that can draw on blues, country, folk, and even Western swing.

Peter Karp is a star. The outrageously talented singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist-producer is on his eighth album and if “Alabama Town” (Rose Cottage Records) doesn‟t put him over the top, nothing will. He let loose his sexy partner Sue Foley after two great albums and tours. Now he‟s front‟n‟center and what a crew he has behind him! These 13 originals rock with a lusty down-home feel propelled by his stinging slide guitar and rough-hewn vocals.
Plus, Karp writes like the late Guy Clark with an aptitude for detail and that‟s a pretty su- preme compliment. Mick Taylor (Stones), Garth Hudson (The Band), Paul Carbonara (Blon- die), Todd Wolfe (Sheryl Crow), James Otis Karp (his son) and blues-harp man Dennis Gruenling are only six of 21 musicians who add their talents. Highlights include “Kiss The Bride” and “Beautiful Girl” but there‟s not a clinker in the batch.

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