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Vanda Guzman, americana, è un mix di dolcezza e d'energia. Una voce potente ed uno spirito danzante. Inizia la sua carriera artistica da giovanissima a Baltimora,nel Maryland. Inizia poi a viaggiare finché decide di trasferirsi definitivamente in Germania, dove si esibisce anche per grandi multinanazionali, quali BMW, Mercedes, Price Water House e altri. Oltre a dedicarsi al gospel, suo genere preferito, ha cantanto con diversi artisti di fama internazionale, quali Patti Labelle ,Liza Minnelli, Michael Bolton, Wilson Pickett, Three Ladies of Blues, and American diva's.

Canta, ma sopratutto balla: si scatena, improvvisa passi, fa smorfie con il viso, interagisce con il pubblico. Lo trasporta letteralmente, viaggiando sulle note di pezzi famosissimi, come ad esempio “Simply the Best” di Tina Turner, “Respect” di Aretha Franklin che conclude dicendo “I want only a little bit of respect”. E ancora “Killing me softly with his song” dei The Fugees, improvvisando una sorta di pezzo rappato. Straordinaria la sua interpretazione che il pubblico premia ogni volta con un prolungato applauso. Un concerto veramente elettrizzante in compagnia di una donna americana dalla voce potente e dolce che riesce a regalare emozioni forti e performances originali.Attualmente in radio il suo singolo “Life is so beautiful".

Questo progetto comprende tutti i grandi successi dei più grandi artisti della tradizione afro-americana, di Blues, Jazz, R & B e Rock'n'Roll: da Ella Fitzgerald ad Aretha Franklin, da Tina Turner, ad Alicia Keys.


Singer, song writer, performer, Vanda Guzman started singing at age three she remembers in the mirror everyday dancing too. She remembers entertaining herself a lot and as she grew up she never stopped. By age 7 she was singing in her local church in Baltimore, Maryland. Vanda in later years started to recognize the need to respect and sing all types of music that she enjoyed and begin to go out also as a secular artist working with Wilson Pickett as his female vocalist.

From there she begin to travel and later in life after coming through many of life's challenges she saw the need to keep singing and that's when she came to Germany . She began to do musicals after playing Dion in Hair a few years and other musicals like the rent party in Berlin and others in Hamburg.

She got her own band and began to do solo work as an artist and worked for many companies like BMW, Mercedes, Price Water House & others. She is known for her way of handling the audience with love and care. She gives of herself until she has nothing to give. She always say I am here to serve, to lift the hearts and bring happiness to the people I sing too. Others have called her the voice of the soul, because when she is finished many people say their soul was touched and renewed.

While singing gospel she has performed with five blind boys of Alabama, golden singers, voices of praise, and her own mighty gospel explosion where she has been touring since 2005. She also has shared and sung on stages with Patti Labelle, weather girls, Liza Minnelli, Michael Bolton, Three Ladies of Blues, and American diva's.

Vanda acknowledges that her gift comes from God and so she uses it to bring god glory. She has many new ideas that she is now putting in motion to not only help herself but to help others who are born with these gifts and just need some support to get it out there. She is in Germany but also sees herself serving more all over the world to see more dreams come true for others.

She is thankful to have had an opportunity to live in Germany and travel all wonderful countries in Europe to share her story of music.

Discography :

Solo albums

  • 2000 - “Aphrodite's Child" (33 Jazz)
  • 2005 - “Delicious Chemistry" (Chantiko)
  • 2009 - “Licorice Kiss" (Purple Stiletto)
  • 2015 - “Spellbound Stories" (Purple Stiletto)

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Origini:Baltimora, USA

GenERE:Soul - Blues - R&B

CONTATTO: +39 (0)546 621676

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